23 Jul 2019


Usual admission costs + charges for activities apply

Summer 2019 at The Commandery

Throughout the summer, discover The Commandery and it’s gardens with our new Explorer Backpacks and activity booklets! Choose out of three backpacks to step back in time as a Civil War soldier, Medieval Pilgrim or Victorian Explorer.

Soldiers Snapsack!
Step into the shoes of an English Civil War Soldier and explore our building through puzzles and challenges. Activities include:
• Games and puzzles
• Cipher challenge
• Colouring–in to take home
• Storycards

Victorian Explorer
Become an intrepid Victorian Explorer in our gardens. Look the part with a pith helmet and butterfly net! Activities include:
• Exploring the wide variety of plants and trees
• Become an ornithologist (bird spotter) and entomologist (insect spotter)
• Navigate your blind-folded team around the garden using a map of landmarks and a compass.

Medieval Pilgrim Bag
Immerse yourself in medieval life with our medieval pilgrims backpack. Discover disgusting quack remedies and build your own medieval house.
Activities include:
• Disease – Remedy Wheel-of-Fortune game
• Design your own Mason’s marks
• Discover the medieval hospital with our spotters guide.

Charges apply. Backpacks can be bought from the main reception at The Commandery.  Suitable for all ages. 

Visiting on a Wednesday or Thursday?

Also new for summer! Are you interested in learning about the Battle of Worcester, the last battle of the English Civil War? On Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11am and 1pm, throughout the summer holidays, visit Fort Royal park with one of our knowledgeable Interpretation Team who will guide you through the events of the day. This tour also includes a tour of the Civil War Story at The Commandery and cake and beverage in the café.

Tickets cost £10. Booking essential.


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