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Susan Birth
Echoes of Ancient Art

This online exhibition is part of our From the Art Gallery with Love project. In ‘Echoes of Ancient Egypt’, Susan Birth depicts elements of Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum’s Roman Mosaic & Egyptology collections in vibrant visual artworks.

Susan says

I create vibrant artwork using various media and techniques so that the resulting compositions offer variety and interest. I may be inspired by a stunning photo or view that makes me want to interpret it in paint or create imagined landscapes from inside my head.

During summer and autumn 2020, Susan worked with members of the local community including service users at Headway Worcestershire, mentoring and guiding them to create their own artworks in their own styles, also inspired by the same museum collections. We are delighted that this work becomes a part of the ongoing journey in understanding and interpreting the collection.

Explore Susan Birth’s series of beautiful artworks below.

Susan Birth – Echoes of Ancient Egypt, 2020. Copyright the artist.

Susan Birth – Echoes of Bays Meadow, 2020. Copyright the artist.

Susan Birth – Isnt She Lovely, 2020. Copyright the artist.

Susan Birth – Balance, 2020. Copyright the artist.

Isn’t She Lovely is based on the sculpture ‘Calanthe’ by Peter Nava (pictured).

Art by Headway Service Users

During this project, Susan worked with members of the community including amateur artists and service users at Headway Worcestershire, offering them guidance to create their own artworks. Participants were encouraged to get creative and respond to the Art Gallery & Museum’s collection in their own style. Our thanks to the Headway group who produced the works below: Mandie, David, Mark, Alison, Sarah, Robin, Keith and Mark.

Explore the wonderful pieces they have produced below.

Community Art Group

Members of the group said of their experience:

The title of the piece is “Vessels”.  I was thinking of the human body as a vessel and its connection with the Egyptian funerary vessels. This has really been a challenge for me as I have never done anything like this before, but it is very enjoyable. – Heather

I used the bright blue and yellow on the background to depict the desert with the black to show the demise of the intact tombs. I used pieces of bandage as if the mummy was being opened. The broken vessel shows the damage done. – Gayle

Really enjoyed doing it as I’ve never done anything like that before. – Clare

I must say, I wasn’t at all sure how this was all going to go when I said I’d join the project, but I am mighty pleased with how it’s gone! – Kim

‘Protect, Serve & Heal’ by Kim Lee-Own

‘Vessels’ by Heather Farmer

‘Section 4’ by Vicky Dredge

‘Booty of the Pyramids’ by Gayle Hornberger

‘Bath Seahorse’ by Vicky Dredge

‘Freedom’ by Clare Knighton

‘Aqua Vitae’ by Brenda Laver

‘Samian Hare’ by Maggie Hobbs

‘Into the Light’ by Brenda Laver

‘Earth’s Amulet’ by Debra Shipley

‘Riot’ by Brenda Laver

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