Top 10 things to do at The Commandery

A photo of The Commandery's entrance gate with two reenactors ready to greet visitors for a great day of things to do at The Commandery.
A photo looking out at The Commandery's garden while an event is taking place - there are lots of things to do.
A photo of coffee and cake in Commandery Coffee cafe.
A photo of a section of the oriel window at The Commandery.
A photo showing a child dressed up as a soldier in The Commandery's garden.
A photo of Oliver Cromwell's death mask, dramatically lit on a dark background.
A photo taken in the mud kitchen showing a child playing - one of the things to do in the Nature Play Area.
A photo of a wood-panelled bedroom in the Tudor rooms at The Commandery.
A photo showing a section of an information panel titled "Haunted Happenings".
A photo of the interior of the Great Hall at The Commandery.