Project Description

A selection of artifacts relating to Victorian Seaside, for use in the classroom to aid learning.


  • Punch and Judy puppets
  • Glass Penny Lick
  • Replica tin bucket with shells and china souvenir
  • Replica wooden spade
  • 2 girls sunbonnets
  • 2 boys sailor collars
  • 1 pair calico combinations
  • 1 pair replica drawers (dresses would have been tucked in for paddling)
  • Replica Bathing Dress in navy blue/white-dress; drawers, hat and belt
  • 1 Photopack
  • 2 books – The English Seaside & The Pickwick Papers (Charles Dickens wrote this whilst at Broadstairs, a popular seaside resort).

Price: £15 per half term.

To book a loans box please email Su Vale on or phone 01299 250416

  • Victorian childhood
  • Victorian society
  • Victorian leisure time
  • Seaside holidays of the past
  • Victorian toys

An example of contents from the Victorian Seaside Loans Box