Box of Victorian childhood inspired artefacts to facilitate learning in the classroom


  • Metal Money Box
  • Story Book
  • Wooden Battledore- for use with feather shuttlecock
  • Tin Mug
  • Photocopy of ‘Child’s Own Magazine’
  • Wooden box with counters and cowrie shells for counting
  • Doll’s linen shirt
  • Dolls House Hot Water Can
  • Nursery Tea Plate
  • Marbles in bag
  • Child’s Knife
  • Miniature glass ink standish
  • Seven Snap cards
  • Five Word/Picture Game cards
  • Bone Die
  • Wooden Dutch Doll
  • Two Wooden Noah’s Ark animals
  • Cup and ball (replica)
  • Book – History of Britain Victorian Children
  • Lawn Bodice
  • Cotton Bodice
  • Cotton Petticoat
  • Flannel Petticoat
  • Pinafore
  • Chemisette
  • Cotton Nightgowns
  • Cap
  • Baby’s gown
  • Child’s dress

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Key topics – Victorian, children, costume, toys

Contents of the Victorian Childhood Loans Box