Key Stages 2 and 3

45 minutes

The Commandery

£1.50 per pupil per session

Tudor Clothes and Costume is a practical demonstration during which pupils will learn how people’s social status was reflected in their clothing; how the Sumptuary Laws dictated the attire of every person in the country from the King to the lowest
servant; the daily care of clothing; the kinds of duties that servants performed; how rich children were socially educated; and the changing courtly fashions that reflected the monarch on the throne and political alliances.

Our sessions are full of handling opportunities and hands-on activities and in this activity selected pupils will be given the opportunity to dress in reproduction Tudor clothing.

Amanda Fretwell
01905 361821

Bumroll, Farthingale, Stays, Lacings, Ruff, Jerkin, Breeches, Shift, Overgown, Italianate, Tunic, Bodice.