Key Stages 2 and 3

45 minutes

The Commandery

£1.50 per pupil per session

Immerse yourself in the chaos of civil war as you learn about the life of soldiers during this divisive time in our history.

Life in the Baggage Train is an illustrated and hands-on activity explaining a Civil War Baggage Train, the equipment used and the diversity of people involved in the organisation of an army including women, preachers, and surgeons etc. The
session uses reproduction period costume to discuss on the life of a seventeenth century soldier and the role of women during the war, and the key role of the Barber Surgeon.

Our sessions are full of handling opportunities and hands-on activities.

Amanda Fretwell
01905 361821

17th Century clothing terms; breeches, bodice, shift.
17th Century domestic equipment and items; bombast, black jack, trencher, pottage, cauldron.
17th Century surgical equipment; needles, bite, gag, probe, pliers, straps, anaesthetic, antiseptic, gangrene.