Mayflower 400 Exhibition

When our exhibition Mayflower 400 opened back in January we could not have anticipated the wonderful reception it received. While our gallery doors are closed, we bring you Mayflower 400 online so you can still enjoy it!

On this page: hear from our World Cultures Curator who developed the exhibition, browse the information panels just like you would in the gallery, and find extra discussion topics, articles and activities.

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Curator’s Introduction to Mayflower 400

Video filmed by Kirsty Hatton at the University of Worcester

Browse the exhibition

Browse through the text panels, get a close up look at some of the wonderful objects featured in Mayflower 400, including a beautiful seal-gut parka which was conserved specially for the display. Click the tabs below to move through highlights of the exhibition.

Discussion Point: Indigenous American and Canadian Objects

Take time to consider the impact of the Mayflower’s voyage with our discussion prompts. Museums up and down the country are researching their collections and finding hidden histories and difficult stories of empire and colonialism within them. Many of the objects from North America and Canada in the World Cultures Collection are typical of items that were brought back as souvenirs by British sailors, adventurers and colonial officials. Several items, like the gun sleeve seen in the images below, even have prices written on them.

Many British men who went to the Canadian northwest wore clothing influenced by indigenous designs and commissioned souvenirs shortly before heading home. As indigenous peoples were forced onto reservations, they lost control of hunting and trapping areas through the processes of colonialism. Objects were produced as an alternative source of income and became an important part of the Indigenous economy. Many items were made by local communities sitting together, speaking their own language and telling traditional stories to preserve their identity.

Should museums continue to collect and display cultural material? Does it make a difference if the items are purchased?


Maximise your family’s learning with our Mayflower 400 creative activities below. Part of our Museum Make-athon activities released on our social media accounts every Tuesday & Thursday our museums are closed – designed to get you discovering, exploring and creating together.

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