A selection of artifacts relating to the Ancient Egyptians, for use in the classroom to aid learning.


  • 1 replica SISTRUM
  • 1 Victorian facsimile of Egyptian OIL LAMP
  • 1 model of BAST
  • 1 model of USHABTI
  • 1 replica game of SENET-a popular game of the time. This one uses the box lid as game board.
  • Replica CLOTHING  (may be tried on)
  • 2 decorative Collars
  • 2 simple Workdresses (girls)- for poorer citizens and slaves
  • 3 wraparound ‘Skirts’ (boys)
  • 1 CD ROM Life in Ancient Egypt
  • 1 blue information Folder
  • Separate item – 1 Mummy Case lid

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  • Egyptians
  • Ancient civilisations
  • Dress and culture

An example of contents from the Ancient Egypt Loans Box