Box of 1950s Toys artefacts to facilitate learning in the classroom


  • ‘TV comic’ Annual
  • Reading book ‘Strangers at the Abbey’
  • Reading book ‘What Katy did’
  • Ludo/Snakes and Ladders Game in box
  • Jigsaw – The Canberra
  • ‘Etch a Sketch screen
  • Tiddlywinks Game
  • News Chronicle ‘I Spy’ Book – Zoo
  • 4 piece Cookery Set
  • Barbie Doll
  • Corgi Car
  • Bag of 1950s Lego (30 white pieces)
  • Bag of Jacks
  • Net of marbles
  • 1950s Doll
  • 1950s Teddy Bear
  • 1950s red/yellow Tractor Toy
  • Wooden box pencil case containing assorted pens & pencils

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Key topics – Toys, children, old/new

Contents of the 1950s Toys Loans Box