Museums Worcestershire is delighted to receive funding from the Historic England‘s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for the No one Left Behind project.  A partnership between Museums Worcestershire and Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service, the project aims are two-fold

  • To survey Worcestershire’s heritage sector in order to understand the impact of the pandemic and inform Historic England and Government.
  • To support the whole historic environment sector in Worcestershire recover by providing training, tool-kits, consultancy and mentoring.

Training, mentoring and consultancy support will be free of charge to those who benefit from it and could cover areas such as business and marketing plans, risk assessments and security, collections care, planning law and conservation in order to up-skill work forces, fill skills gaps and create a legacy of training and development tools.

The target audience for training, mentoring and consultancy will be archaeological units, HERs (historic environment records), historic buildings, museums, heritage sites and community projects, both paid and voluntary.

Through the project we will also survey Worcestershire’s heritage sector to provide evidence to Historic England and Government about the impact of coronavirus at the beginning and end of the project; this will inform our recommendations about short, medium and long term needs in the county.

The aim of the project is to support our local historic environment and heritage sector to recover successfully from the effects of the pandemic, ultimately becoming more resilient, skilled and sustainable. It is also important that we ensure Worcestershire’s experience and needs as a rural county are properly understood and included in any national discussions and decision making.

Those who work or volunteer in the Worcestershire heritage sector are welcomed to fill in our initial survey here. Closing midnight Monday 27 July 2020.

This survey aims to find out how the pandemic has affected the heritage sector and the areas you would love to develop in the coming months. It will only take 10 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey even if you feel your organisation has not been affected or does not need support as this will give us a more accurate picture. Answers will be kept anonymous and there is the option to skip questions you’d prefer not to answer. 

Freelance evaluator required

Museums Worcestershire are seeking one evaluator to complete evaluation work on two projects: ‘From the Art Gallery With Love x’ and ‘No-One Left Behind’. Read more about the From the Art Gallery with Love project here.

For full details and how to apply, view the Evaluator Brief here. The deadline for applications is Monday 27 July 2020.