Traditional Toys

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Project Description

Box of replica toys for use in the classroom to compare old and new, similarities and differences

£9 per half term


  • Wooden Cup and Ball
  • Diabolo
  • Jacobs Ladder in box – [this toy was permitted on a Sunday in Victorian times, as it relates to a Bible story]
  • Whip and Turnip Top
  • Set of Myriorama Tiles – the ‘everlasting’ story.
  • Skipping Rope
  • Card Thaumatrope – early moving picture toy
  • Set of Desk Top Quoits
  •  Box of Pick up Sticks
  • Wooden Yo-yo
  • Bag of Marbles
  • Set of ‘Old and New’ Toy Match Game
  • Three Information Sheets – Traditional Toys.

To book a loans box please email Su Vale on or phone 01299 250416

Toys traditional old new Victorian diablo skipping rope spinning top

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