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Project Description

Hartlebury Museum Schools Resource box

£8 per half term

Box of original Stone Age artefacts for use in the classroom


  • Antler Harpoon
  • Hand Axe – soft hammer flakes (4)
  • Sharpened Flint tool in Wooden Haft
  • 2 Wooden Hafts – 1 with flint tool
  • Stone Spindle Whorl
  • Antler Hammer
  • Shaped Palaeolithic Hand Axe
  • Worked Flint
  • Antler Needle
  • 2 Pottery Sherds – Neolithic Markings
  • 1 worked Flint – unfinished blade
  • 1 copy of ‘Unlocking the Past’ booklet
  • 1 laminated sheet, showing areas of finds in Worcestershire

To book a loans box please email Su Vale on or phone 01299 250416

Prehistory Stone Age tools hand axe flints

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