Schools at the County Museum at Hartlebury

A Great Day Out at Hartlebury

“Hartlebury is really great. There’s so much to see and do” KS1 teacher

A visit to the County Museum at Hartlebury is a step back in time for learners of all ages. Through role-play and immersive learning, pupils can discover over 1000 years of history in this castle location and intriguing stories of Worcestershire’s past.

Whether it’s a lesson with the school teacher in the Victorian Schoolroom, or meeting the servants in the Scullery, children will find out first-hand what life was really like in historic Worcestershire. From costume to caravans, travel to toys there is something for all ages to explore.

Schools Activities at The County Museum

We offer the following topics for schools. Please bear in mind that these sessions are guidelines but can be adapted to suit your pupils’ ages and SEN requirements or to suit your educational programme.

  • Victorian Schoolroom – Experience a typical school day in our Victorian schoolroom
  • Below Stairs – Discover what life would have been like for the servants working in a large Victorian house
  • Toys Through Time – A hands-on activity comparing toys today and toys in the past
  • Classroom at War – An opportunity for children to experience a day in the life of a Wartime evacuee
  • Make Do and Mend – Discover what life was like for children during World War Two
  • Homes Long Ago – A hands-on activity comparing our homes today and homes in the past
  • We’re going on a shapes hunt – a chance to explore the museum’s collection of historic Gypsy caravans

Bringing the Museum to You

If you aren’t able to get to the County Museum at Hartlebury for the day, you can still access the county collection through loans boxes or find out more about how we can create the experience of a Museum in Your Classroom.

Plan Your School Visit

Why bring your class to Hartlebury?

Hartlebury is full of potential for learning and creativity. A visit can bring learning to life by providing sensory experiences of handling real objects, looking at genuine works of art and artefacts and exploring an historic building. All of our activities are led by experienced staff and support specific schemes of work whilst also helping pupils to make cross-curricular links between different subject areas. Following their visit, pupils could be encouraged to create a poster, a piece of artwork, design a museum leaflet or produce a piece of drama or poetry based on their experiences of Hartlebury. They could even create their own museum in their classroom!

Preparing to Visit

Careful preparation and follow-up are essential if the visit is to provide a learning experience rather than just a day out.

  • Contact the museum to check availability on your preferred date, when we can provide an outline of museum admission and activity costs. Free preliminary visits for teachers are available (highly recommended).
  • Please inform us if any of your pupils have specific learning needs as we can tailor activities to suit your pupils.
  • We request a supervision ratio of 1 adult to every 10 children, 1 to 6 for very young children.
  • A timetable of your visit, including any special arrangements, will be sent to you prior to your visit.

Facilities and General Information

  • Toilets are available in the Museum Reception Building and in a separate block next to the main Museum. Disabled facilities can be found in both locations.
  • The museum building can be accessed by use of the lift or stairs.
  • There are two lunch rooms available for school use. One or both of these will be allocated to your group on booking, depending on the duration of your visit and size of your group.
  • There is both a museum cafe and shop on site. The shop contains a selection of gifts suitable for your pupils’ pockets.
  • We require a minimum of 3 working days’ notice to 2 weeks notice to cancel your visit to Hartlebury. In the event of this notice not being given (with the exception of inclement weather), admission charges will be waived but session and role-play fees will still be charged.

Booking your session

The Learning Team can provide further information via Teachers’ Packs and ideas for pre- and post-visit activities if required. For more information, to discuss or make a booking for Worcestershire County Museum, please click here to submit an enquiry form. A member of the team will be with you shortly.

If your query is urgent, contact the Learning Team on 01299 250416.