Learning at The Commandery

Learning from Across the Centuries

“Great experience for the children. Educational, exciting and brilliant value for money.” KS2 teacher

The Commandery is the perfect place to bring local and national history to life. It is the very place where, in 1651, the decisive battle at the end of the civil war took place, ending the rule of the monarchy in England.

The Commandery offers a whole host of hand-on activities and workshops for all ages and abilities. Discover what life was like during Stuart times and find out what it would take to be ready for battle during the Civil War. Take a walk up to Fort Royal to learn more about the Battle of Worcester and discover the birth of democracy.

When you visit us, the day will include learning sessions led by us and a self-led session around the building. Two facilitated sessions and a self-led session will be £6.50 per child.

We request a 1:10 adult to staff ratio (1:6 for very young children). We are happy to make exceptions where SEN or behavioural issues require additional support, please note this on the booking form and we will happily discuss.

We can tailor all visits and activities to your learners, including SEND learners and home educated groups. Simply mention your additional requirements when you enquire or book with us.

Learning Sessions at The Commandery

We offer the following sessions for schools. Please bear in mind that these sessions are guidelines but can be adapted to suit your pupils’ ages and SEND requirements or to suit your educational programme.

Uncover the different roles the common soldier played in the Civil War by learning about the pikemen, the musketeers and the cavalry officers. You can step into their shoes by putting on replica armour and handling replicas of the weapons. Then, it’s time to report for training, soldier! Become a Civil War soldier by taking part in fully interactive pike and cannon drills using replica equipment. Understand the skills these soldiers had to have, follow the commands of the captain… or else!

Key Stages 2 and 3, 1 hour.

Learn more about what life was like in England when the Civil War was taking place. This interactive session involves literally stepping into the shoes and clothes of the time to give an insight into how soldiers and women lived. Also, discover more about food, equipment and religion during this period using replica artefacts and sources. Finally, learn the gruesome details of how war wounds were treated when you meet the surgeon!

Key Stages 2 and 3, 1 hour.

Why was Worcester such an important place during the Civil War? Using maps and taking a walk up to Fort Royal Park, unearth the significant details that led up to the Battle of Worcester and understand what happened in the aftermath. Learn about the role the city of Worcester played and debate whether Fort Royal should be considered ‘hallowed ground’- an American president thought so!

Key Stages 2 and 3, 1 hour.

Discover how the English Civil War had a huge impact on how our country works to this day. Learn how Charles I and Charles II set in motion changes that would result in a battle for democracy. Develop your understanding about how parliament and democracy work in the present day, leading up to taking part in a real debate and vote at the ballot box!

Key Stages 2 and 3, 1 hour.

Bringing the Museum to you

If you aren’t able to get to The Commandery for the day, you can still access the Civil War story through our Civil War loans box.

For more information and to book a loans box, contact the Learning Team by email museum@worcestershire.gov.uk or phone 01299 250416.

Tailored to your needs

We are happy to tailor all visits and activities to your learners, including S.E.N. learners and home educated groups. Simply mention your additional requirements when you enquire or book with us.

Plan your visit

Your visit to the Commandery may include time spent outside; the site is a medieval building and can be cold. Please ensure children are dressed appropriately and wearing sensible shoes.

A mini bus parking bay is available in The Commandery grounds, by prior request. Alternatively a coach drop off point is available outside the Museum of Royal Worcester and coach parking available in Croft Road car park (please contact us on 01905 361821 for further details).

Facilities and General Information

  • Toilets are provided within the building and are shared with other visitors to the museum. Please ensure your children are supervised when visiting these facilities.
  • The Commandery gardens are available for lunch and break times. There are also rooms to be used by schools at lunchtime.
  • The Commandery is wheelchair accessible and an adapted toilet is available.
  • We are delighted to welcome school groups to The Commandery gift shop. A range of souvenirs and topic related gifts are available.

Booking your session

For more information, to discuss or make a booking at The Commandery, please click here to submit an enquiry form. A member of the team will be with you shortly.

If your query is urgent, you can contact us on 01905 361821.