Key Stages 2 and 3, for 45 minutes.

Immerse yourself in the chaos of civil war as you learn about the life of soldiers during this divisive time in our history.

‘Arms and Armour’ is a hands-on activity covering the role of the common soldier (The Pikeman, Musketeer and Dragoon) with a chance to see weaponry and armour. The session can also involve an explanation of The Commandery’s role before and during the Battle of Worcester, with a discussion of the causes of the Civil War. Pupils will also discover how to communicate on the battlefield using drums and colours.

Our sessions are full of handling opportunities and hands-on activities.

Amanda Fretwell
01905 361821

£1.50 per pupil per session

Musketeer, pikeman, cuirassier, dragoon, took, pike, points, pots, helmets, armour, breastplate, backplate, pistol, poleaxe, buffcoat, colours, drum, bandolier, montero, English lobster pot, baldrick, gunbelt, grenade, sash, bill, blocks

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