Box of original and replica Roman artefacts to inspire learning in the classroom


  • Roman Baby’s Pottery Feeding Cup (Replica)
  • Pottery Oil Lamp
  • Samian Ware Pottery Sherds
  • Wax Writing Tablet and Stylus in calico bag
  • Child’s wooden wheeled horse toy (replica)
  • Tesserae from Roman Mosaic Floor (and modern coaster)
  • Roman Coin collection
  • Strigil (replica) – curved metal tool for scraping dirt and sweat off the body
  • Roman Gaming dice (replica) – for gaming
  • Set of knucklebones (replica) – for gaming
  • Chatelaine (replica)
  • Roman doll to dress
  • Roman Britain booklet & blue folder of additional information

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  • Roman Britain
  • Domestic History
  • Roman Childhood
  • Historic Games

Contents of the Roman Life Loans Box