A box of original and replica Neolithic domestic artefacts to inspire learning in the classroom.

Contents of Loans Box

  • 1 x v. small quern stone + smooth hand stone + grain (used in bread making)
  • 1 x Shire Book- Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery
  • 1 x card of decorating techniques for pots
  • 5 x postcards of a Bronze Age beaker
  • 2 x teazles for ‘teasing’ out fleece
  • 1 x Wooden Spindle Whorl
  • 1 x example of Stick Weaving
  • 1 x card Loom
  • 2 x skeins of Naturally Dyed Wool
  • Practical Pre-History booklet
  • 5 x photographs of houses and settlement with grazing animals
  • Small Hand Tools box  1 Hammer Stone; 2 Flint Scrapers; 3 Flint Hand Axes; 1 Flint Tool

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  • Neolithic
  • Prehistory
  • Domestic Life
  • Quern – Corn Milling

An example of contents from the Neolithic Domestic Loans Box.