A box of objects, for use in the classroom.


  • Period recipe for Welsh Cakes
  • Trencher
  • Tankard
  • Horn Spoon
  • Shirt
  • Coif
  • Montero Cap
  • Nine Men’s Morris and instructions
  • 4x various period coins
  • 3x Musketballs (pistol, carbine and musket calibres)
  • Match cord
  • Firelighter kit
  • 18 foot foldable “pike”
  • Clay pipe
  • Soldier’s pocket bible
  • Student Resource pack (written explanations for all the items found in the box)
  • Teacher Resource pack (includes a lesson plan and various promotional material for the Commandery)
  • Paper Documents (Declaration for the Arrest of Charles Stuart, Cromwell’s after battle letter, Hamilton’s letter to his wife

Key topics – Civil War, military, games, leisure, currency, costume, food and drink

Contents of the Civil War Loans Box