Georgians: The Pride & The Prejudice Exhibition

The Georgians lived through a time of contrasting shades. In many ways the age has been seen as one of splendour: the might of Empire, the dominance of the Royal Navy, the extravagances and luxuries of the wealthy, cultural expression, Industrial Revolution, beautiful landscapes, and an exploration of newfound political and religious freedoms. However, the Georgian way of life was built at the expense of the human cost of Empire, slavery, exploitation and violence –  the exhibition will also explore the lives of ordinary individuals who did not prosper like the middle- and upper-classes.

On this page: Browse the information panels just like you would in the gallery, hear all about Georgian men’s fashion from a costume expert and find extra discussion topics, articles and activities.

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Browse through the text panels and get a close up look at some of the wonderful objects featured in Georgians: The Pride & The Prejudice.. Click the tabs below to move through highlights of the exhibition.


Maximise your family’s learning with our Georgians creative activities below, part of our Museum Make-athon activities released on our social media accounts every Tuesday & Thursday while our museums are closed – designed to get you discovering, exploring and creating together.

This week's Museum Make-athons will get you thinking about the Georgians! We'll be 'opening the doors' to our online...

Posted by Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery on Tuesday, 12 May 2020

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