Role play Activity

Key Stages 1 and 2

1 hr 45 mins

Max. 30 children

County Museum at Hartlebury

Activity – £70 per half day, £130 per full day plus £3.25 per child admission.

We invite your class to apply for the positions of Boot Boy and Scullery Maid; an exciting opportunity for children to use authentic equipment in our reconstructed scullery and laundry.

Children will gain an insight into life ‘below stairs’ as if starting their working life in service. Our Housemaid will explain about the conditions of employment, contrasting a servant’s life-style with that of his or her employer.

The children will be prepared for the wide variety of duties performed in a typical upper-middle class household in the late 19th century by demonstration of equipment from this period. Children will then take part in a number of practical activities relating to these duties.

Sessions can be adapted to suit all age and ability groups. Content can be used to focus on an overarching study on the lives of children in the past; were their lives better then or now?

For more information or to discuss a booking please contact Su Vale on 01299 250416 or e-mail