Councillors have today given the green light to the development of a new interactive experience at The Commandery, in the heart of historic Worcester.

Following approval at today’s Joint Museums Committee, planning will begin to create an ‘Escape Room experience’ at The Commandery, one of Worcester’s oldest buildings. Escape Rooms are interactive quizzes where teams solve puzzles to ‘escape’ a room or a building.

£26,000 has been allocated to development, with a view to the Escape Rooms being open later this year. The Museums Service hope to work with a professional Escape Room company to deliver a fun experience which maximises the building’s history as well as providing an additional income stream to support the running of The Commandery.

Councillors at today’s meeting of the Joint Museums Committee heard the plans for the new income generating idea and gave it full backing.

Councillor Mike Johnson, Deputy Chair of the Committee said: “This is a very intriguing prospect which should introduce an exciting new element to The Commandery and support its sustainability.”

The Commandery is historically linked to ‘escapes’; Charles II fled from the Battle of Worcester in 1651 as 13,000 royalist troops were defeated by Cromwell’s 28,000 strong ‘New Model Army’ at Sidbury Gate.

Escape Rooms are not the only innovative use of the beautiful, historic building, The Commandery already provides a unique backdrop for weddings and other special events. For more information please visit the Wedding’s webpage.